The Sea Station Welcomes You With Regata Galas Here In Varna

The Port Of Varna has few sectors. We invite you to the passenger part. Here in the summer of 2015 and 2016 the annual regatta gala – Tall Ships was held. In was really an amazing event and our city was promised that we will host the event every year. All these amazing ships will be here in the summer of 2018.

Sun Clock Of Varna Sea Garden Flowers

Ships With Sails More Than 10 meters Tall

The ships in the annual gala here in Varna are really amazingly beautiful. Every visitor has the chance to get on board and take pictures and enjoy these beautiful vessels. It is really a stunning experience that you will never regret. There is also a competition part of the gala. The actually race for a price. Of course you can witness this event too.

Sea Garden In The Rain

Port Created More Than A Century Ago

Short after the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman authority Varna flourished. People were excited to build new things and turn our city into a real Black Sea capital of our country. Using mostly human labor the base of the port was created. Workers also linked the Varna lake with the sea. This connection didn’t exist before that. Now the lake is an integral part of the whole port system.

Observatory Varna Sea View

So Many Things To Enjoy At The Sea Station

There are restaurants, there are bars and of course they offer the stunning view to Black sea. Our port is really an enjoyable place. If you are a fan of the low cost deals there is also a duty free shop full of great goods at low prices.

When you come in Varna never miss your chance to visit this place of interest. For the first time in the summer of 2017 we had a restaurant high in the sky. That’s right – a crane lifts you 50 meters above the ground and you can enjoy gourmet dinner there while enjoying the stunning view.

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Become An Ancient Sailor For A Day

The port offers you the chance to sail on an ancient looking ship. You can feel what sailors felt centuries ago. Don’t worry – the vessel has a petrol engine as well so you don’t need to rely on the mercy of the winds. You just sit and enjoy your sea ride. It will be really pleasurable experience. You can make videos, take pictures and selfies with you, your family and the sea.

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Climb The Breakwater Wall And Take Stunning Photos

We have a really tall Breakwater. Maybe during a sea storm you wouldn’t want to be there. Fortunately most days in the summer are great and you can climb this facility. It is a great place for taking pictures. You can create professional looking images from this place. It is really high and the view is breathtaking.

The visitors can spot the whole Sea Station of Varna and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you are the extreme type of person we hope you will have the luck to witness a storm at the port. The sea creates unique splashes which will leave you speechless. Maybe we don’t need to tell you that the picture you take will be amazing. You will easily became an Instagram sensation.

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Fisherman Friendly Place

The sea station offers you the chance to go fishing. The peaceful waters of the port are great to catch few fishes. Many citizens of Varna enjoy this opportunity many days of the week. You can do it too. Why not spend few peaceful hours at the shore.

Sea Garden In The Rain

Beautiful In The Night As Well

Maybe you spent the whole day at the beach enjoying the sun and the waves. The sun has set but now you decided to visit the port. No problem. There are enough night lanterns that create really romantic atmosphere. Why not bring you love one and spend a really beautiful time at the sea station. The sea is there. You hear its silent noise. You and your spouse sit on a bench and enjoy this really nice environment.