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The Roman Empire Just In The Center Of Varna

It is unbelievable but you just go to the center of Varna and walk no more than 5-6 minutes and here it is – Fully excavated baths from the Roman Empire. You will enjoy some ancient history right away after you arrive in our city.

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1800 Years Ago

This architectural wander was built in 2nd century a.d. and functioned for about 100 years. Back then Varna was called Odesos and was part of the Roman Empire. The baths were built as an important place for social gathering.

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Top Notch Ancient Technology

You can see the remains of unique heating system which delivered hot air for the whole building. This was made by creating double layered floor and empty spaces in the walls which delivered the pleasant temperature Romans needed for their pleasurable time. The total area is more than 7000 sq. meters and it is amazing how the baths were equally heated.

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The Biggest In The Balkans

There are no bigger facilities of this kind in the Balkans. The Varna baths really stand out and scientists from all over Europe have come to examine the details surrounding this ancient structure. The main excavation happened between 1959 and 1971 because of the efforts of the museum of Archaeology of Varna.

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Many Things Still Under The City

When you walk towards the Roman Baths you will see some ruins between the apartment buildings. About 40 years ago while digging the foundation of new houses workers discovered remains and this stopped the construction process.

It turned out that the whole neighborhood is built over ancient facilities. Even now there are so many remains under the ground. It is amazing to see with your own eyes how modern houses lay over Roman ruins.

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You Enter Not Only Baths But A Real Palace

This ancient wander is a proof that 2nd century a.d. was a rich and successful period for the Roman Empire. The Romans had enough finances to build many things and develop the culture of the whole country. The baths were amazingly decorated with statues of ancient gods and unique ornaments. It was an amazingly beautiful place where people used to enjoy their spare time and discuss the politics in the Empire.

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Open Air Theater In The Summer

In The summer the Roman Baths of Varna become a theater and guests can enjoy plays. Definitely it will be one of a kind experience. Imagine – a warm August night, 1800 year old stage and you are there – in the middle between the past and the future.