Between The Forest And The Sea - The Unique Sea Garden Of Varna

There aren’t many places in Europe where you can enjoy a beautiful city park and with amazing sea view. That’s right – you walk for many kilometers in Varna’s garden and you can spot the sea at any point. You don’t need to choose between the water and the forest. They both are there for you. Created 100 years ago Varna’s park will give you really pleasurable time.

Sun Clock Of Varna Sea Garden Flowers

The Sun Clock Of Varna

When a visitor enters the sea garden in our city the most noticeable thing is the sun clock. It has been there for decades. It is surrounded by thousands of beautiful flowers. And if you wonder – yes the sun clock of Varna works perfectly.

Sea Garden In The Rain

All Roads Lead To The Beach

The structure of out park was designed in a very intelligent way. The main paths are parallel to the sea so you have a beautiful view at any point. The shape of the whole area is basically very long rectangular and the parallel roads are long.

We have smaller paths only to connect the main ways. At almost any time there is a road in the Park which leads you down to the beach.

Observatory Varna Sea View

Park With High View To The Beach

The shore of Varna is of course the lowest point of the sea level. Very suddenly the level rises and the distance in a vertical line between the water and the park is about 100 meters.

This creates a great advantage for all visitors who decide to take a stroll in the sea garden. You just have a stunning view to the beach form high above. Imagine this – you are in a forest but you can spot the sea form above at any given moment.

Sea Garden In The Rain

The Zoo Is There Too

Just more and more good news for anyone who checks the park in Varna. There is really much to see here. Our zoo is situated right in the middle of the garden. You can enjoy lions, tigers, monkeys and all kinds of exotic animals.

And again – at any point you are not more than 10 minutes away from the beach. What can be greater than that. Every tour adventure is better when is richer. Our visitors get so much in the sea garden. Peaceful, beautiful with stunning view – this is our Varna garden.

Sea Garden In The Rain

So Much Fun For The Kids Too

Our park is really something for everyone. Your little children can enjoy slides, swings and many more places for games. Here is the good news – most of the places are free. The playgrounds are covered with soft material so you don’t need to worry about safety.

You just enjoy your rest and you loved ones will enjoy their games. In the summer there is also a clown that entertains the children. Again this is an attraction for free. Of course if you wish you could buy a balloon or two.

Sea Garden In The Rain

Fans Of Space – Here Is The Observatory

Our city garden offers one more attraction. You will see the space observatory Nicolaus Copernicus. After the sun sets you can visit this great place and take a stunning look at the stars and the planets in our Solar system.

You probably came in Varna for the sea but why not make you memories richer and more satisfying. There are also amateur astronomers who offer you a look form their telescopes for usually 2 Euros but nothing compares with the experience you get form the observatory.

Sea Garden In The Rain

So Many Flowers So Many Shapes

After all our sea garden is a park and as such it contains millions of flowers. Most of them are located in beautiful alleys at the main path. You will see tulips arranged in beautiful shapes. Of course we have many more beautiful plants. All they want form you is to came take a look at them and enjoy their stunning appearance.

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