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Stunning Sunrises At The Varna Beaches

Yes you have to get up early but it totally worth it. Take an hour long walk around the sea shore and you will witness how uniquely beautiful our beaches are. The visitors will see colors that they had no idea actually existed. Don’t forget to take some pictures. With nature that beautiful anyone can create images like a professional photographer.

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Sand Like Silk

This first thing you will notice that our beaches are covered with amazingly gentle sand. Many other tourist places like Greece or Croatia are full with rocky shores and it is questionable if this is the most pleasant way of take sun baths.

We dare you – take a long walk and try to find a part of the beach that is not covered with sand. You won’t find any just because this is impossible in our part of Black Sea.

Observatory Varna Sea View

Sea With Almost No Salt In The Water

Our sea used to be a fresh water lake and thousands of years ago water from other places pored and created the Bosphor. Even now Black sea is among the least salty ones. If you have travelled to many summer resorts you know how the water just burns your eyes. You will never have such problem at our beaches. You can dive with open eyes.

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Man Made Facilities For Peaceful Waters

At the Varna shore we have 3 artificial piers that a quite large. They have created whole regions of the beach where the waters are so calm and beautiful. You could use the pears for fishing, for jumping in the sea or just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is an amazing place for taking stunning pictures and selfies.

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Delicious Local Food At The Beach

There are many restaurants at the shore. And when I say many I mean many. You whole vacation won’t be enough to try the out. You could spend the days moving from the sea waters to the bars and cafes and back. Of course don’t forget to wait 30 minutes after you had your meal before you go swimming again.

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Night Life At The Sea

We mentioned that there are many restaurants. But there are many discos as well. Image how cool it is to drink dance and still see the moon reflection on the waters. It is exciting. It is romantic. It is really worth it. It is really a party on the beach.

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Swans In The Winter

If you happen to come here in the winter you will see something amazing. Thousands of swans migrate to our beaches every year around December. These beautiful creators are used the human company and are not afraid. You could approach them really closely and sometimes even touch them. Many Varna residents bring bread to the beach and feed the birds. You could do it too.